Why is 30 and 50 km h? (2023)

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What is the average speed of 50 km in 30 minutes?

Average speed of the car is 56.66 km/hr.

Why does 30mph feel so slow?

You're in more direct contact with the environment. The wind is rushing over your body, you can hear the pavement under your tires, feel each little road-surface irregularity… In the car you're mostly insulated from all that… You're in a “bubble”, so to speak.

When an automobile travels with a speed of 50km hr for 30 minutes?

A car travels at a speed of 50 km/hr for 30 minutes, at 30 km/hr for next 15 minutes and then 70 km/hr for next 45 minutes. What is the average speed of the car? [Ans: 56.66 km/hr] wenn ich 21.

How long is 50 km in hours?

It takes a truck 2 hours to travel 50 km. How much time does it take to cover 100 km?

Which speed is greater 30 or 30 km per hour?

Which speed is greater: 30 m/s or 30 km/h? Ans. 30 m/s.

How many km is 30 mins?

In sum, if we look at the data from primarily the marathon paces, running 30 minutes will equate to running about 3-3.75 miles or 5-5.75 km for the average male runner and 3 miles or 5 kilometers for most women.

Why does speeding not get you there faster?

You travel further in the time it takes you to react to unexpected situations and sudden moves or turns. You are likely to lose control of your vehicle on road curves and sharp turns. Others – drivers or pedestrians – may misjudge your speed. Finally, it takes your vehicle longer to stop with higher speeds.

What age is most likely to speed?

Speeding: Teens are more likely than older drivers to speed and to allow shorter distances from the front of one vehicle to the front of the next.

Can a human run at 30mph?

That equates to less than 20 miles an hour and there is NO ONE who could run at that speed for an hour. Sprinters, over a 100 metres, are faster but again, cannot run at that speed for that amount of time. So it is safe to say that no human is even close to 30 miles an hour over more than 200 metres.

When a car travels 30 km at a speed of 40 km per hour?

Hence, The average speed of the car is 26.66kmh−1 .

Can a car moving with a speed of 50 km per hour be stopped?

A car moving with a speed of 50 km/hr, can be stopped by applying brakes after at least 6 m.

When a car increases its speed from 20 km per hour to 50 km in 10 seconds its acceleration is?

Therefore, the acceleration is 0.833 m/s2, Hence, the correct option is (D).

How many km is 1 hour of driving?

Speed = distance (60 km) / time (1 hour) = 60km/h.

How many km is 1 hour?

A kilometer has 1,000 meters, and an hour has 3,600 seconds, so 100 kilometers per hour is: 100 x 1,000 / 3,600 = 27.777... m/s.

What speed is 50 knots?

25 more rows

What is 30 km h speed limit?

30 km/h zones (30 kilometres per hour zones) and the similar 20 mph zones (20 miles per hour zones) are forms of speed management used across areas of urban roads in some jurisdictions. The nominal maximum speed limits in these zones are 30 kilometres per hour (19 mph) and 20 miles per hour (32 km/h) respectively.

What is the average speed of a car moves 30 km in 30 minutes and next 30 km in 40 minutes?

= 51.4 km/h.

What is the work to be done to increase the velocity from 30 km per hour to 60 km per hour?

According to the Work-Energy theorem or the relation between Kinetic energy and Work done - the work done on an object is the change in its kinetic energy. Hence, the work to be done to increase the velocity of a car from 30km/h to 60km/h is 156250 joule, if the mass of the car is 1500 kg.

What is 30 km per hour in 2 hours?

=60 km.

How many minutes is 1 mile walking?

The average “usual” walking speed works out to walking one mile in 20.6 minutes, while walking a mile at the average maximum walking speed would take 13.48 minutes. Therefore, this data suggests that the average middle-aged walker can walk a mile between 13 minutes and 30 seconds to 20 minutes and 36 seconds.

How many miles should I jog a day?

The typical weekly mileage for average runners training for the 10k is 20-30 miles per week, so a daily mileage of 4-8 is reasonable with a weekly long run closer to 10-12 miles.

Why do guys drive so fast?

There is some evidence that suggests at least some of the drive to go fast is biological. Prenatal testosterone exposure or frontal lobe development can both affect basic personality functions, Hurd explained. There is a slight correlation between people likely to speed and those likely to drink.

Do you actually save time by speeding?

The average driver saves 26 seconds a day by speeding. People think it saves time. Maybe it does occasionally, if you run through a yellow light to avoid stopping for a minute. But, the time saved that speeding makes, on average, is about 2 minutes a week.

Does driving fast actually save time?

Speeding does save a little time, but the most time is saved when accelerating from a low starting speed. Going from 40 mph to 50 mph will save 3 minutes, but going from 80 mph to 90 mph will only save 50 seconds—it's the same 10 mph increase, but a pretty big difference in time saved.

What gender speeds the most?

Men Speed More Than Women: The faster you drive your car, the higher the possibility you will get in an accident. This is especially true with younger men, as those under age 34 are almost twice as likely to die in a crash caused by high speeds than women.

What gender gets pulled over more?

* Males were more likely than females to be pulled over by police, and young drivers were more likely than their older counterparts to be stopped. * White drivers were more likely than both black and Hispanic drivers to be stopped by police for speeding.

Do younger people drive faster?

A recent study by the University of California at Los Angeles found that many teens fared better behind the wheel than older motorists, even when navigating some of the state's worst roads. The analysis followed 100 novice drivers – 50 male and 50 female – who were prepping for their motor vehicle license test.

How fast were ancient humans?

Mr McAllister's analysis of the footprints suggests that this group of humans were capable of running at up to 23 mph, bare foot and over soft mud in their pursuit of prey.

What predators can humans outrun?

That's right, when it comes to endurance, we can outrun wolves, cheetahs, and even horses. Now, in the beginning, humans fall short because we're lousy sprinters.

How fast can Usain Bolt run a mile?

9.58 - Usain Bolt
DistanceFinish timeWorld Record
1 mile2:34.183:43.13
5k road7:59.0012:49
10 more rows

When car speed increases from 40 km per hour to 60 km per hour in 5 seconds?

Expert-Verified Answer

Given : initial velocity (u) = 40 km/h, final velocity (v) = 60 km/h and time (t) = 5 sec = 5/3600 hr = 1/720 hr. Therefore, Acceleration (a) = (v-u) / t = (60-40) km/h / (1/720) hr = (20×720) km/h^2 = 14400 km/h^2. Answer : The acceleration of the car is 14400 km/h^2.

When car moves with a speed of 40 km h for 15 minutes?

A car moves with a speed of 40 km/h for 15 minutes and then with a speed of 60 km/h for the next 15 minutes. To do: To find the total distance covered by the car. Therefore, the total distance covered by the car is 25 km.

What is the speed of the car if it covers 30 km in 30 minutes?

Expert-Verified Answer
  1. Given: Distance covered, d₁ = 30 km and d₂ = 30 km.
  2. To Find: Average speed of the entire journey, S.
  3. Solution:
  4. S = 51.4 km/hr.
Aug 14, 2017

Can car moving with speed of 40 km per hour be stopped by applying brakes after 2 m?


What can speeding break in a car?

The Harm That Driving Fast Does to Your Car
  • Risks damage to the suspension. Another way that driving fast can damage your car is by damaging the suspension. ...
  • Risks damage to the transmission. ...
  • Increases tire wear and tear. ...
  • Increases fuel consumption.
Mar 17, 2022

Can car moving with a speed of 40 km h be stopped by applying brakes?

A car moving with a speed of 40 km/hr can be stopped by applying brakes after at least 2 m. If the same car is moving with a speed of 80 km/hr. What is the stopping distance ? A car moving with a speed of 40 km/h can be stopped by applying brakes after at least 2m.

What is the speed of a car that travels 50 km in 30 minutes?

Average speed of the car is 56.66 km/hr.

How does a car moving to the right at 10 mph speeds up to 20 mph change its momentum?

When you are driving, both you and your vehicle have acquired momentum which is proportional to the weight of your vehicle and its speed. If you increase your speed from 10 MPH to 20 MPH, you double your car's momentum, and if you increase your speed from 10 MPH to 50 MPH, you increase your car's momentum five times.

What would happen if a car increased its speed by 10 km h?

By increasing the speed of a car by 10km/hr , the time of journey for a distance of 72km is reduced by 36 minutes .

How do you calculate speed in 30 minutes?

Divide the total distance by the total time traveled.

In order to finish the calculation you will take the total distance traveled and divide it by the amount of time it took to travel that distance. Example: 14 miles/30 minutes = 0.46 miles/minute or 28 miles/hour.

How fast is 50 km kilometers per hour?

Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour table
Kilometers per hourMiles per hour
49 kph30.45 mph
50 kph31.07 mph
51 kph31.69 mph
52 kph32.31 mph
16 more rows

What is the speed of 40 km in 30 minutes?

Answer. To Find: Average speed of the entire journey, S. Hence the average speed of the car for the entire journey is 51.4km/hr.

What is the speed of 60 km in 30 minutes?

Answer: A car 30 min to travel 60 km. Calculate the speed of car in km/h and m/s is 120 km/hr and speed is 33.33 m/s.

How do you calculate answer speed?

Understanding the average speed of answer formula

Just take the total waiting time for calls that were answered and divide it by the total number of answered calls.

How do we calculate speed?

speed = distance ÷ time. distance = speed × time. time = distance ÷ speed.

How long is km per hour?

Kilometers per hour is often used for car speeds. One hour at this speed moves you 100 km. Example: One minute at 60 km/h moves you 1 km.

How fast is 50 km an hour wind?

32-38 Mph 50-61 kph 28-33 knots Moderate or Near Gale Large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk.

What is km per hour in speed?

The kilometre per hour (SI symbol: km/h; non-standard abbreviations: kph, km/hr) is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometres travelled in one hour. A car speedometer that indicates measured speed in kilometres per hour.

What is the speed of 25 km in 30 minutes?

Speed= distance/time =50km/h.

What speed is 100 km in 5 hours?

= 40 km/h. Q.

What is the average speed of a car that covers 30 km in 30 minutes and the next 30 km in 40 minutes?

= 51.4 km/h.

Is 100 km 60 mph?

100 km/h is 62.1 MPH. It takes longer to hit 100 km/h than 60 MPH. The energy required for acceleration varies as the square of the velocity.

What is the speed of 30 km in 15 minutes?

So, we do 15x4 = 60. Similarly, we multiply the distance by 4. 30x4 = 120.

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