Totoro water bottle? (2023)

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What was Totoro mom sick with?

The film is partially autobiographical. When Hayao Miyazaki and his brothers were children, his mother suffered from spinal tuberculosis for nine years, and spent much of her time hospitalized. It is implied, yet never revealed in the film, that Satsuki and Mei's mother also suffers from tuberculosis.

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What is Totoro gender?

Totoro is a forest spirit in My Neighbor Totoro, in which the film is named after. As well as being a character in this film, Totoro acts as the mascot for Studio Ghibli.
Blood TypeUnknown
Voice Actor (Japanese):Hitoshi Takagi
3 more rows

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What Totoro means in Japanese?

Origin:Japanese. Meaning:From Tororo; Troll.

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What does Totoro drink?

thedrunkenmoogle. Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro mocktail) Ingredients: 6 Mint leaves 1 oz Lime juice 1 oz Grapefruit juice . 5 oz Simple syrup ~2-3 oz Non-alcoholic Ginger Beer My Neighbor Totoro may have been the first...

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What are the black fuzzy things in Totoro?

Susuwatari are also known as Sootsprites. They are black soots that wander round empty houses and leave dirt and dust in their wake.

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Why does Totoro wear a leaf?

He wears a simple leaf to protect him from the rain: Satsuki gives him their father's umbrella. Totoro is intrigued by the sound of rain dripping from the trees landing on the umbrella, and even playfully jumps on the ground to cause more to fall.

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Is Totoro Japanese or Chinese?

It was the highest-grossing animation film of the year in Japan. Miyazaki's following film, My Neighbor Totoro, was released alongside Takahata's Grave of the Fireflies in April 1988 to ensure Studio Ghibli's financial status.

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What animal is Totoro based on?

A well-known cartoon character around the globe, Totoro, is an adorable chinchilla in Hayao Miyazaki's animated movie "My Neighbor Totoro". In the movie, Totoro is a gentle, gray and giant rat; however, in reality, the chinchilla is a furry little creature that you can hold in one palm.

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What is Totoro age?

Overall comments and recommendations
Children under 5Not recommended due to scary scenes and themes.
Children aged 5–8Parental guidance recommended due to scary scenes and themes.
Children over the age of 8Ok for this age group.
Jun 15, 2020

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Is Totoro popular in Japan?

A Line Research survey polled men and women in Japan from the ages 10 to 69 about their favorite Ghibli anime. My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away were the most popular overall, with 48.5% and 44.5% of respondents choosing the works, respectively.

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Is Totoro a Shinto spirit?

The kami Totoro, his camphor tree, which is considered a shintai, and the yokai in the forest are the main elements that portray a Shintoism for children, as they show a direct relationship with children.

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What language does Totoro speak?

My Neighbor Totoro
Running time86 minutes
Box office$41 million
16 more rows

Totoro water bottle? (2023)
What are the black balls in Totoro called?

The Soot Sprites (すすワタリ, Susuwatari, lit. "Travelling Soot" a.k.a. "Mak-kuro Kurosuke") are spirits that appear in the films My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away. They are small, round balls made from the soot that dwells in old and abandoned houses and leave black dirt in their wake.

What food does Totoro like?

My Neighbor Totoro Satsuki's Bento Recipe
  • Shishamo (Smelt)
  • Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Plum)
  • Edamame.
  • Sakura Denbu.
  • Cooked Short Grain Rice.
  • Oval Bento Box.
Mar 18, 2022

What are the white things in Totoro called?

Soot Sprites (My Neighbor Totoro/Spirited Away)

The small, fuzzy creatures that run in a line and work their tiny hearts away in Studio Ghibli films are called “Susuwatari,” or soot sprites. And they are always a good judge of character.

What does No-Face represent?

No-Face is a multifaceted entity representing so much of Chihiro's fears of abandonment, loneliness, and identity. It is, in its vacant form and need for friendship, that No-Face mirrors Chihiro's crisis.

Are soot sprites real?

Susuwatari (Japanese: ススワタリ, 煤渡り; "wandering soot"), also called Makkuro kurosuke (まっくろくろすけ; "makkuro" meaning "pitch black", "kuro" meaning "black" and "-suke" being a common ending for boys names), is the name of a fictitious sprite that was devised by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, known from the famous anime- ...

What does Catbus stand for?

Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are free. You may get on and off them as often as you like without paying a fare.

Why is he called Totoro?

The name "Totoro" comes from Mei mispronouncing (she has a tendency to do so, though it wasn't clear in the dub) the word "tororu", which is the Japanese word for "troll". When Satsuki asks her "Totoro?

Is Totoro in Toy Story 3?

Totoro has a cameo appearance in “Toy Story 3,” he acknowledged. “We do little homages in our films, and we thought it was a very appropriate homage to let [Miyazaki and his film company] Studio Ghibli know how much they mean to us.”

Is Totoro a villain?

Villains are evil characters appearing in many Studio Ghibli films, as many portray a struggle between good and evil. Exceptions include My Neighbor Totoro, as there is no villain in this film.

What did Miyazaki do to his son?

Hayao Miyazaki

What city is Totoro based on?

My Neighbor Totoro (Sayama Hills, Saitama Prefecture)

Sayama Hills in western Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture is considered to be the inspiration for this classic movie's setting, which is now called “Totoro's Forest”.

Is Totoro owned by Disney?

The original dubs can be seen on the 1996 Ghibli ga Ippai Laserdisc set, and on the initial copies for the Japanese DVD releases of Totoro, Laputa and Porco. In 1996, Walt Disney Studios acquired worldwide distribution rights to the Studio Ghibli library, with Disney redubbing all previously dubbed films.

Is Totoro from Japanese mythology?

A Totoro is a mystical, magical forest spirit living in the woodlands of Japan. They're known to be friendly towards children and have also been described as being "Keepers of the Forest".

Is the dad Totoro?

Tatsuo Kusakabe is the father of the two protagonists, Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe, in the Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro. He is a secondary character, and is married to Yasuko Kusakabe.
Tatsuo Kusakabe
Voice Actor (Japanese):Shigesato Itoi
4 more rows

Is My Neighbor Totoro a sad movie?

The older I grow, the less I feel like My Neighbor Totoro is a kids' movie. Its mesmerizing surrealism can no longer hide the profound sadness of two girls missing their mother as they struggle to grow up. Most of the movie coats this sadness in childlike dialogue and dreamlike imagery — except for one line.

What is the smallest Totoro called?

There are two similar, smaller creatures in the movie, also referred to as totoro; the big grey Totoro is named "Ō-Totoro", or "Miminzuku", the middle is "Chū-Totoro", or "Zuku", and the smallest is "Chibi-Totoro", or "Mini".

What is the oldest Studio Ghibli movie?

The first official Studio Ghibli release was Tenkū no shiro Rapyuta (1986; Castle in the Sky).

What religion is in Spirited Away?

Supernaturalism. The major themes of Spirited Away, heavily influenced by Japanese Shinto-Buddhist folklore, centre on the protagonist, Chihiro, and her liminal journey through the realm of spirits.

What religion is Studio Ghibli?

The movies of Studio Ghibli reflect the fusion of religious practices in Japan — a combination of Shinto, Buddhism, and Daoism.

Does Totoro mean chinchilla?

Many Cantonese speakers will think of cartoons when someone mentions chinchillas. That's because the name in Cantonese – long mao (龍貓) – is the same name that is given to Totoro, the puffy animated creature from Studio Ghibli.

Does the mom survive in My Neighbor Totoro?

Eventually Mei is found with the help of Totoro, and the film reveals at the end that the girls' mother, while still in the hospital, is recovering.

Is there a villain in Totoro?

Villains are evil characters appearing in many Studio Ghibli films, as many portray a struggle between good and evil. Exceptions include My Neighbor Totoro, as there is no villain in this film.

What's the dads job in Totoro?

Tatsuo Kusakabe is the father of the two protagonists, Mei and Satsuki Kusakabe, in the Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro. He is a secondary character, and is married to Yasuko Kusakabe. He works in a college as a professor of Archaeology, and is seen working a lot at home and leaving Mei to play on her own.

What time period is My Neighbor Totoro set in?

Set in 1958, My Neighbor Totoro is about two young sisters, Satsuki (voice of Dakota Fanning) and Mei (voice of Ellie Fanning), as they travel with their father (voice of Tim Daly), an archaeology professor, to stay in an old house in rural Japan.

What is the saddest Studio Ghibli?

Sad it may be, but Grave of the Fireflies is also one of the most powerful films ever made. 1988 was an incredibly good year for Studio Ghibli, the famous Japanese animation studio.

What is Studio Ghibli darkest movie?

Spirited Away is unabashedly dark as it is magical, a film that doesn't disguise how terrifying growing up can be. Chihiro is trapped in a world populated by spirits that are genuinely frightening.

What is the most heartbreaking Ghibli movie?

Setsuko's Death - Grave Of The Fireflies (1988)

There's no easy way to talk about the most depressing anime of all time without remembering its heartwrenching moments and feeling like crying all over again.

Is Totoro a spirit?

Totoro-Oh. Totoro-Oh, sometimes translated to King Totoro, is a spirit of the forest. Totoro-Oh is absolutely massive — at least three times as big as Mei or Satsuki.

What does Tsukamori mean?

Tsukamori is the name of the forest where Totoro lives. In the scene where Satsuki tried to find Mei, Catbus came to her with "Tsukamori" displayed, changed it between several names such as "Nagasawa" or "Ushinuma", then to "Mei". When they found Mei, it changed to "Shichikokuyama Byouin (Shichikokuyama Hospital)".

Why does the dad bathe with his daughters in Totoro?

FYI, in Japan, families often bathe together, with parents bathing with a child of the opposite sex up until puberty, and parents bathing with a child of the same sex long after that child is grown. This is seen as a family time of bonding, and has nothing to do with sex.

Is Appa based on Totoro?

According to an interview with the artists involved with creating the show, Appa's design was based on that of Catbus from the film My Neighbor Totoro, as they found it difficult to create a six-legged mammal.

What illness does Yasuko Kusakabe have?

Yasuko Kusakabe is a supporting character in My Neighbor Totoro. She is the mother of Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, and the wife of Tatsuo Kusakabe. Presumably, she suffers from Tuberculosis; her sickness being the reason why she and her family moved to the rural country side.

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