Shibuya tokyo apartments? (2023)

Can you live in Shibuya?

Shibuya has been one of Japan's multicultural hotspots for decades. With its central location, iconic landmarks, and wild nightlife, people flock to the neighborhood to work, live, play, and most importantly, shop.

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Why is Shibuya so famous?

Shibuya is a center for youth fashion and culture, and its streets are the birthplace to many of Japan's fashion and entertainment trends. Numerous department stores and shopping malls can be found around the area catering to all types of shoppers.

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Can foreigners rent apartments in Japan?

In order to apply for rental housing, you will have to pass a background check. This background check is required regardless of whether or not you are a foreigner, Japanese, making an individual contract, or making a company contract.

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How much is the average Tokyo apartment?

Average cost by ward
Tokyo WardsAverage cost per month by Japanese apartment size
20 more rows
Mar 8, 2021

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Where do Americans live in Japan?

The greatest number of American residents in Japan per 100,000 population is 161 in Okinawa, followed by Tokyo (152), Kanagawa (60), Kyoto (48) and Hyogo (43).
American Residents in JapanAmount2,530人
per 10000 Population17.47
Standard Score99.67
48 more columns
Dec 3, 2019

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Where do the rich live in Tokyo?

High class residential areas in uptown Tokyo such as Hiroo, Azabu, Shoto, Akasaka, and Takanawadai are known throughout Japan as prestigious areas within Tokyo. A common feature among most of these areas is being located at the top of hills–in the center of Tokyo–with nice views in quiet living environments.

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Is it better to stay in Shinjuku or Shibuya?

Shinjuku and Shibuya are both the best place to stay in Tokyo for first-timers. It offers easy access to the train station. It is better to stay in Shinjuku than in Shibuya if you prefer more nightlife scene. It is better to stay in Shibuya than in Shinjuku if you prefer more shopping scene.

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What does Shibuya mean in English?

Etymology. Borrowed from Japanese 渋谷 (しぶや, Shibuya, literally “harsh valley”).

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Is it worth staying in Shibuya?

Shibuya is the perfect place to stay for shopping, nightlife, eating local cuisine and feeling the Tokyo vibe. Stay You are conveniently located close to Harajuku and Omotesando. Shibuya is a safe neighbourhood, with a lot going on at all times.

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Does Japan allow foreigners to live in Japan?

In order for you to reside in Japan, you will need a status of residence. There are 27 different types of qualifications depending on the activities and duration of stay in Japan. Your status of residence and duration of stay are dependent on the purpose of your entry to Japan.

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Can you permanently live in Japan as a foreigner?

Foreign residents, who have shown good conduct and have sufficient assets or ability to make an independent living, can be granted permanent residence if they reside in Japan for a certain number of consecutive years.

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Does Japan allow foreigners to live?

Long term residents on limited duration employment

At in the end of June 2022 there were 2,760,635 foreigners residing in Japan. Of this number 1,181,203 were considered long-term, but non permanent residents; those granted visas for a duration of 12 months or more.

Shibuya tokyo apartments? (2023)
Can I live in Japan permanently?

Expatriates who have been living in Japan for a considerable amount become eligible for Japan Permanent Residency. This is advantageous for those who want to make Japan their home for the long-term or permanently because it offers a reprieve from many bureaucratic and tiresome processes.

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