Kisaki voice actor? (2023)

Who is the voice actor for Kisaki?

Nicolas Roye is the English dub voice of Tetta Kisaki in Tokyo Revengers, and Shōtaro Morikubo is the Japanese voice.

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Who does Kellen Goff voice?

His most notable roles include Funtime Freddy and Fredbear from Five Nights at Freddy's, Overhaul from My Hero Academia, Fiddlesticks from League of Legends, Diavolo in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Porco Galliard in Attack on Titan.

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Can Kisaki time leap?

C) Kisaki was a time-leaper, or in some way gifted with a temporal power, but he was not the only temporally powerful person other than Takemichi. There was likely another time-leaper, one who came from Takemichi's own time and worked to reverse every progress the Cry-baby Hero made.

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How tall is Kisaki Tetta?


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Why is Kisaki so obsessed with Takemichi?

Suddenly, Takemichi enters the fray, engaging in combat with the bullies. Kisaki sees Hinata's expression during Takemichi's display of bravery and realizes that she has fallen in love with him. This creates a deep hatred for Takemichi, whom he believes has stolen away Hinata's favor.

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Why was Draken's voice fired?

In 2019, his work came to a halt after a series of sexual misconduct allegations against him surfaced on the internet.

Is Kellen Goff LGBT?

He declared himself demisexual in 2017 and as bisexual in 2021.

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Who does Kellen Goff play in Pokemon?

Kellen Goff is the English dub voice of Elder Zarude in Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

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Is Kellen Goff in the FNaF movie?

He is an actor, known for Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (2021), My Hero Academia (2016) and League of Legends (2009).

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What is Kisaki's personality type?

3 Tetta Kisaki Is An INTJ.

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Did Mikeys voice change?

Mickey Mouse

MacDonald voiced the character for over 30 years before he was replaced by Wayne Allwine in 1977. Allwine, who was married to Minnie Mouse voice actress Russi Taylor, voiced Mickey until his death in 2009, when the character was taken over by Bret Iwan.

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Who is the smiling guy in Tokyo Revengers?

Nahoya Kawata ( 河 かわ 田 た ナホヤ, Kawata Nahoya?), or Smiley (スマイリー, Sumairī?), is the Fourth Division Captain (肆番隊 隊長, Yonban-tai Taichō?) of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Kisaki voice actor? (2023)
Who is the English voice of Takemichi?

AJ Beckles is the English dub voice of Takemitchy / Takemichi Hanagaki in Tokyo Revengers, and Yuuki Shin is the Japanese voice.

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