How tall is Sano manjiro? (2023)

How tall is Sano manjiro?


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How tall is Shinichiro Sano?

Shinichiro : 182cm Mikey : 162cm Emma : 150cm #東リベ" / Twitter.

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How tall is Sanzu in CM?

LIDEN Films Accidentally Says Sanzu is 160 cm in Cast Height Comparison Art; Corrected to 172 cm | Fandom.

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Who is Mikey girlfriend Tokyo Revengers?

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata is Takemichi's only girlfriend in his 26 years of life.

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Is manjiro Sano a girl or boy?

The name Manjiro means "ten thousand" (万) (man), "next" (次) (ji) and "son" (郎) (ro).

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Who is the tallest in Tokyo Revengers?

Hakkai Shiba

What is this? At 6″ (183 cm) in the past, Hakkai Shiba is one of the tallest 14 years old (birthday: September 4th) in Tokyo Revengers. He grows even taller by the time he is 26 years old in the future, reaching 6'4″ (193 cm). This makes Hakkai the tallest character in the show.

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How tall is izana?

Izana Kurokawa is 165 cm tall and weighs 58 kg.

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How tall is Mitsuya Tokyo Revengers?

Height: 170 cm selfproclaimed Mitsuya is the Captain of the Second Division of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Where is Sanzu bonten tattoo?

He has a Bonten tattoo on his right forearm and four piercings on each ear.

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Who is Mikey's crush?

Renet: In the events of "Turtles in Time", Mikey began to develop a crush on Renet, the time travel mistress apprentice. While the others tend to dislike Renet from bringing them to the Middle Ages and being a bit clumsy, Mikey instead admires Renet for her appearance and her cool fighting style.

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What is Mikey's bike?

However, the pace of their trip is delayed due to Mikey riding a slow, inefficient bike, a moped he ironically refers to as a "CB250T 50cc model" and has nicknamed Street Hawk. Draken implores Mikey to obtain a bike instead, but Mikey responds that his bike is precious to him.

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Why is manjiro called Mikey?

He lived with his grandfather and brother together in the former's dojo. Sometime around elementary school, Emma Sano came to live with the Sano family. That is when he got the nickname 'Mikey' so his sister did not feel left out with a foreign name.

How tall is Sano manjiro? (2023)
How old is Shinichiro Sano?

He was 23. Even after his demise, people continued to look up to him and celebrate him.

Is Shinichiro and Mikey blood related?

Shinichiro Sano

Shinichiro is Mikey's older brother. He was many years older than Emma and Mikey, so he often took care of them in the absence of their parents. Shinichiro was Mikey's hero and the subject of his admiration, as he founded the strongest gang at the time and was their highly respected leader.

Was Shinichiro rejected?

His heroic story (or failure story): 20 consecutive rejections of his confessions. His favorite spot is S•S MOTORS. Shinichiro's relationship chart: In the past: Kazutora and Baji (partner in crime): Broke into his shop.

How tall is izana Kurokawa?

Izana Kurokawa is 165 cm tall and weighs 58 kg.

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