Does Tokyo love Rio or Rene? [Solved] (2022)

Does Tokyo love Rio or Rene?

Tokyo's had life-altering lovers too

Season 5 of Money Heist showed part of Tokyo's backstory with René, one of the great loves in her life. They fell in love, went on a crime spree, and parted when he died during a robbery. Heartbroken, she did not expect to find love with the much younger Rio.... read more ›

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Did Tokyo ever love Rio?

But Rio and Tokyo's love story prevails to the end of the first season. They even create plans to get married and live a life together. While fans fell for this romance, Tokyo and Rio's story in Money Heist: Korea is almost nonexistent.... continue reading ›

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Who is Tokyo's true love?

In flashbacks, we meet René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre), Tokyo's first partner in crime. We learn how she found her true love in him, and then lost him when he was shot down before her eyes in a failed bank heist. We understand how that loss hardened her heart, making her into what she is in the series.... see more ›

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Does Tokyo love The Professor?

Tokyo has also shown a different kind of love for her leader, The Professor, who saved her from a dark and lonely time. She considers him to be the one who saved her from being locked up for life, and her admiration for him has grown.... read more ›

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Did Rio break up with Tokyo?

And sadly, our favourite couple Rio (Miguel Herrán) and Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) broke up. It was a very ugly break-up if y'all remember. Last month, the star cast started shooting for Money Heist Season 5. Our beloved Professor Álvaro Morte and Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso often share pics on their social media pages.... read more ›

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Who is Tokyo's ex boyfriend?

Series Information

René, is a character of the Netflix series Money Heist. He is the ex-boyfriend of Tokyo.... continue reading ›

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Did Denver kiss his cousin?

Part 5. In Part 5, Manila confesses to Denver that she has feelings for him. Denver tries to push her away, but when they talk, she makes Denver realise that he has much more in common with Manila than with Mónica. Denver and Manila end up sharing a kiss.... see more ›

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Does Denver sleep with Tokyo?

Although many fans loved the relationships between Tokyo and Rio and Denver and Monica, unnecessary drama was created when the show revealed that Denver and Tokyo almost slept together while planning the first heist.... view details ›

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How old are Rio and Tokyo?

This would mean that Rio is now around 24-years-old in the drama. While Tokyo's exact age hasn't been mentioned, it is said that there is a 12-year age gap between herself and Rio. Therefore, this would make Tokyo around the age of 36. Unfortunately, a happy ending wasn't in store for the once loved-up couple.... see details ›

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Is Denver Tokyo's son?

Obviously No. Moscow always saw a little bit of his ex-wife in Tokyo which eventually lead to the hallucination towards the end of his life. What were your thoughts on Money Heist's ending?... see details ›

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What happened to Rene in Money Heist?

René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre Rambla)

René died while robbing a bank. He was shot to death while Tokyo and he were trying to escape the police.... read more ›

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How old is Tokyo?

The history of the city of Tokyo stretches back some 400 years. Originally named Edo, the city started to flourish after Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Shogunate here in 1603.... read more ›

Does Tokyo love Rio or Rene? [Solved] (2022)

Is Tokyo and Nairobi sisters?

Tokyo and Nairobi were really close to the point that they are like sisters already. Thus, she can tell many stories to the latter's only child.... view details ›

Who does Denver end up with?

Denver also got a romantic ending. After sharing a kiss with Manila, Denver changed his mind and decided to stick with Stockholm. One of the show's final moments was a romantic kiss backlit by the sun between the two of them as Manila happily watched. As for everyone else?... see more ›

What are love hotels in Tokyo?

Love hotels (ラブホテル, also known as boutique or fashion hotels) are hotels that offer double rooms for short periods of time. Typically you can rent a room for a minimum of one to three hours during the day, called a "rest", or for the whole night, called a "stay", which usually starts after 10 pm.... see details ›

What prefecture is Tokyo located in?

Located at the head of Tokyo Bay, the prefecture forms part of the Kantō region on the central Pacific coast of Japan's main island of Honshu. Tokyo is the political and economic center of the country, as well as the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the national government.
Tokyo 東京都
38 more rows

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